Thursday, September 15, 2005

Relative Beauty

We often look to the "beautiful people" for leadership. There are several for each decade. And some of them, often high school dropouts, are movie stars who decide to become experts in politics or weather or atomic energy or medicine. A few people take them seriously.

Many years ago I heard a man give a speech. He was not one of the beautiful people. He wasn't even ordinary-looking. He was truly ugly. Deformed from birth, he was small and twisted. His voice was high and thin. Strangely, children were not frightened by his appearance; they flocked to him.

I believe his name was Dr. Chester Swor. I don't recall Dr. Swor today because he was deformed. I remember him because of what he said. His talk was about love and hope and mercy. Of all the people I have seen, this one man had the greatest reason to be bitter and angry. Yet, he was concerned about others. He was immensely popular.

Beauty seems to be relative.

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