Friday, September 30, 2005

Real and Imagined Horror in the News

Horror stories from New Orleans have been reported by news media. Tales of rape and murder and tens of thousands of dead bodies appeared frequently. These were not true stories but they exposed many in the media for what they were thinking, or for what they wanted to believe.

For one thing, such stories fitted an unfortunate pattern news media people seem carry around. It is that "This is what black people do." Pure racist baloney. The folks caught up in the hurricane in New Orleans were, for the most part, just hard-working, God-fearing people like almost everybody else. It appears that to the media, they were Southerners (horrors!), some were black (don't know any better!) and poor (probably stupid). Therefore, the horror stories were not checked for reality. They were just reported as true.

Recently, some newspapers began to chide other media people for their sloppy work (but not their assumptions).

Why did media people want the outlandish stories to be reinforced and reported? Many in the media were trying to make the Washington, D.C. administration look bad. They actively support an opposing political platform. There is the mental pattern among them that "everybody knows" the people in Washington do not care about its poor citizens. Well, at least the media know that, if not quite everybody else.

I hope people have figured out by by now that many media people have an agenda underlaid by false assumptions.


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