Monday, August 27, 2007

Michael Vick and His Dogs

Long in the minority, I am a white guy who likes Michael Vick and hates what happened to him. What he did was unkind to dumb animals. I want animals treated better than that.

The real problem is that Michael should have kept up with social mores. They changed years ago to the point where staging dog fights is no longer acceptable. In his area of the country, dog fighting probably had no change in standards. So Michael Vick continued to promote them and got caught. It just shows the value of keeping up with changing standards. “Everybody does it” is an excuse that only politicians can use successfully.

If Michael were in Vermont and had raped a girl, he might have gotten only 90 days in the slammer. But he treated dogs badly and will probably get a year. Afterwards he may be facing a career of football in Canada or Germany at much lower hourly rates that he is used to getting.

You gotta watch those mores.

Alberto Gonzales Bites the Political Dust

In an amazing “mine is bigger than yours” battle, the Bush administration lost its Justice Department’s leader, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. He seemed like a decent man if a bit confused. I would prefer him to Janet Reno. But he had two problems.

One of Alberto’s problems was that he was Hispanic. Hispanics in prominent positions must be Liberals or they must disappear. Conservative Hispanics must not be seen as successful. If Liberal Hispanics saw successful Hispanics who owed nothing to the “minority establishment,” they might begin to question the “minority establishment.”

The second of Alberto’s problems is that he seems na├»ve. He seems to think that if he treats people fairly, they will treat him fairly. Harry Truman said something like, “In Washington, if you want a friend, get a dog.”

Thirdly and least important, Alberto seems confused and unable to stand up to the windbags in the Senate. Normally, confusion is no hindrance to keeping a high level position in Government. Nor is incompetence. But when combined with situations one and two (above), one can easily lose his job.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Loyalty or Daintiness in Time of War?

At the time of our Revolutionary War, historians say, there was a sizeable segment of the American population that was loyal to King George, III. That is, they did not want to separate themselves from England, and didn’t care that England was dealing harshly with its American colonies. Liberty was not for them.

No doubt some folks were loyal to the Crown. But if today is any index, many of the “loyalists” were just too dainty for war. Liberty was not all that important—certainly not worth dying for. Of course, they found that they had chosen the wrong side and faced hanging or imprisonment under the new American government.

My wife’s ancestors were in that group who were on the losing side. They were given land in Ontario, Canada that was due west of Rhode Island, their former home. I prefer to think they were loyalists and not faint-hearted. Over the next 100 years they worked themselves down the north side of Lake Ontario and crossed over the US boundary near Chicago (best guess) and wound up in Iowa, no doubt semi-illegal aliens. Others stayed in Ontario and are Canadians to this day. They are still subjects of the Crown.

The moral of the story is that one should choose the right side before refusing to fight for one’s liberty. The wrong side will not take their decision lightly.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Congress at 2.9% Favorable?

Is it true that the latest Zogby poll shows the Congress has a 2.9% approval rating on the Iraq War? With a + or – 1.1 % margin of error that suggest a broad number of respondents, the actual approval rating on Congress could be 1.8% favorable on Iraq. Too bad that Zogby is a Democrat pollster.

To my way of thinking Congress polled a bit high on this poll. Not many Americans are ready to surrender to the fanatical Arabs, yet. But a lot of Congressmen and women are ready to throw in the towel (or begin wearing one on their heads).

No wonder Will Rogers said something like, “It’s easy being a comedian when the entire U. S. Congress is supplying material for you.”