Monday, August 27, 2007

Michael Vick and His Dogs

Long in the minority, I am a white guy who likes Michael Vick and hates what happened to him. What he did was unkind to dumb animals. I want animals treated better than that.

The real problem is that Michael should have kept up with social mores. They changed years ago to the point where staging dog fights is no longer acceptable. In his area of the country, dog fighting probably had no change in standards. So Michael Vick continued to promote them and got caught. It just shows the value of keeping up with changing standards. “Everybody does it” is an excuse that only politicians can use successfully.

If Michael were in Vermont and had raped a girl, he might have gotten only 90 days in the slammer. But he treated dogs badly and will probably get a year. Afterwards he may be facing a career of football in Canada or Germany at much lower hourly rates that he is used to getting.

You gotta watch those mores.

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