Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fears that Never Go Away

It was in the 1959-1960 period that John Fitzgerald Kennedy was running for president. He was handsome, charming, humorous, and well-spoken. Yet, some folks were deeply concerned about JFK. What was their concern? Well, he has a Catholic, and a Catholic had never been in the Oval Office before. Didn’t it stand to reason that the Pope was going to move into the White House and run the United States of America?

Now Mitt Romney is running for president. He is handsome, charming, humorous and well-spoken. But he is a Mormon. If Romney wins the election, it stands to reason that the Mormons about to take over the White House and the country. Or does it?

What people didn’t seem to know about John Fitzgerald Kennedy was that his religion was politics. It appears that Mitt Romney’s religion is politics, too.

Therefore, if Romney wins the election, a politician will be in the White House. Nothing will change very much and life will go on.

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