Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Planning for Grandchildren

One of the stories I told seventh graders had to do with names. That is, I warned them to start determining now the name they wanted their grandchildren to call them. And it was good advice. When I was first faced with the challenge, I was far too young to be a grandfather. So when the little guys would call me granddad, I would yell at them, "Uncle, darnit!"

It wasn't long before they began addressing me as "Uncle Darnit."

Well, maybe I didn't always say, Darnit." And maybe their mothers got after me. But I was happy.

Anyway, it didn't last. Somehow it was all perverted and now I am known simply as "Granddad," or "Uncle Granddad."

I was young and stupid and I didn't plan for the important things. Nobody warned me. I hope my former seventh grade students will be ready when their time comes.

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