Saturday, June 30, 2007

Death of a Senate Bill and the Ruling Class

Now that the Illegal Emigration bill has died a second natural death, a second post mortem would be in order.

First, it should be noted that the American People did not want the bill to be passed. They spoke in new ways, through emails and other electronic devices and made their wishes known. The ruling class heard the American People and enough of that class decided not to risk the inevitable result of defying the People. But, some of the ruling class still thinks, in its elitist way, that it knows what is best for us. They may flunk out of the ruling class, soon.

Second, it should be observed that American Unions did not want the bill to be passed. Thus, there were Democrat leaders who worked for the bill as they worked against it. This way they could be seen as pro-illegal emigrant and anti-cheap labor at the same time. Union bosses speak loudly.

Third, those of us who are against the bill will be called all sorts of names. We will be reviled as many kinds of –phobes. Tough! It is hard to get into a struggle without being called names. That is the way of Washington, DC. They will say that radio talk shows were responsible for the failure of the bill. Nevertheless, it was the People who made the decision based on the information they had. It has been a long time since we have had two sides presented on any issue. It was a refreshing experience.

Fourth, Washington Insiders are already saying that we can’t control the problem because the new law wasn’t passed. But we have plenty immigration laws on the books right now that we are not enforcing. Why not try them? It would be a novel adventure. After all, we were told some 21 years ago by Senator Teddy Kennedy what a good law the last one was. Let us try it out and see if it needs improving. So far no one has tried it.

What really bothers the Ruling Class is that the People may decide to stop some other legislation, such as raises for the inept in their class. I, for one, can hardly wait.

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