Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bishops Lobby for Illegals

There is an interesting article in my local newspaper today by Norberto Santana, Jr. It is an opinion piece presented as news that tells how Catholic bishops are lobbying to keep families together. That is, to force the U.S. Government to keep Catholic kids with their parents in the U.S. In other words, to open the borders. It is the Moral thing to do.

Even though I have tremendous respect for the Catholic Church, I can see two things are wrong with this approach. One is the bishops’ moral high ground. They forget it is immoral to invade the borders of another country, break its laws, steal people’s identities and divide one’s own family. The bishops need to be talking to citizens of other countries in those countries, not in the U.S. Americans are hard-working, law-abiding, egalitarian and respectful, and they do not invade the borders of Latin-American countries.

The second thing I see wrong with this approach by bishops is that it focuses on Catholic families. There are other families that become divided. What happens to the families of Vietnamese and Chinese immigrants? Don’t they also leave families behind? Surely those families need to be kept together as well. Their Moral issues are just as strong.

Perhaps the morality of keeping families together is the wrong method of attack. It is highly emotional but can’t stand scrutiny.

Having been a factory manager in North Hollywood, CA, Toronto, Canada and Albany, New York, I have some experience. All these sites had their share of Hispanic workers. Hispanic people were terrific but they had no monopoly on working hard or of leaving families behind.

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