Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Senators' Revenge

So, why is the Senate so angry with the average citizen? Senators passed an abortion of an immigration bill that the American public plainly does not want.

Do they know we do not like it? Of course they do! The proof is that Senators who are up for election voted against the bill. The rest of the Senate thinks we are stupid and will forget all about this terrible bill by the time they are up for election.

It is time that we make a list of who voted for this terrible piece of legislation and we bring it out every time one of them runs. Democrat or Republican, each silly jerk that voted for the bill should pay the price for his idiocy.

What irritates me is that the bill would create a new type of protected class of person that would have more rights than we do—without the benefit of citizenship. It is very plain that our senators do not represent us. They represent illegal aliens--many of whom cross the border illegally, steal identities and do not pay taxes.

For their perfidy, these illegal aliens get protections we do not get.

The Senators must mad as hell at us, the people who follow their stupid laws and pay taxes.

But we don’t have to be angry with the senators. All we have to do is make sure they do not get re-elected.

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