Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Out of the Backwoods

When this nation was being formed, ordinary people stepped out of its backwoods to take positions of leadership. Who knew we had resources such as Thomas Jefferson, a man from Goochland County, Virginia, who had studied Locke and Hume? And yet he was only one of many who was totally prepared to set up an entirely new nation built on new principles.

It is a blessing of this nation that we had such resources available when they were needed. Through our over two hundred year history, men and women have continued to step forward to lead this nation through its most challenging times. It wasn't geography or diversity or supplies of iron ore that made this leadership great. At the end of all research the conclusion must be that Freedom was responsible for the greatness of this nation and its leadership. And that freedom was based on Judeo-Christian principles. So strong was that basis that it overcame such entrenched ideas as slavery.

With this background of ideas in mind I wrote a small history of part of WWII. During the research and writing, I marveled to myself how it was that we had such great brave generals who stepped forward to lead troops to victory.

In one of my chapters of Full Duty I wrote the following, which is still true as we face battles in Iraq:

It is the blessing of this nation that when problems arise, ordinary people step out from the backwoods and the cities to lead magnificently. This tradition of leadership began well before the Revolutionary War, and the halls of American history are covered with great names: George Washington, George Rogers Clark, Andrew Jackson, and U.S. Grant, to name a few. The names of Marshall, Patton, Truscott and Clark will be displayed with these great people. And no doubt there will be many more in the years to come.

Brave leaders did not come from the ranks of those dainty Americans who wanted fried chicken but did not want to kill any chickens to get such a tasty meal. No, the leaders came from the ranks of those who were willing to die for their country; but first, they were willing to kill for it. There is a huge difference.

May God continue to bless America!


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