Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hunter's Big Bang

Who was it that said, "When you can't laugh at yourself anymore you turn to drugs"? Maybe I did. I can't remember.

This idea occurred when I saw the latest news story about Hunter S. Thompson. Today his ashes are going to be shot out of a cannon, "fired from a tower the height of the Statue of Liberty in a ceremony at his Colorado home on Saturday befitting his eccentric and controversial life." I seem to recall the press release said it was to be done this morning, and the big bang is probably over as I am writing this Maybe the last ash is just now settling to the ground.

As I said earlier on this blog, I knew Hunter as a kid. He wasn't a serious writer then, and he didn't take himself so seriously. He was just a nice little boy who lived across the street. As I look at the reports about Hunter's life, I am beginning to read between the lines that he may have been a bit pretentious and pompous (in his own flamboyant way, of course).

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