Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Researcher Makes Big Discovery

It was in the news this morning, an Animal Planet News story: Researchers discover a giant ape, ten feet tall, weighing 1,200 pounds. That's a lotta ape! The story did not say what kind of researcher found the critter. It may have been a statistician, for all I know.

Of interest to the writer of the big ape story was the method of dating part of the ape that was found. It was a complex system utilizing "electron spin resistance and uranium decay schemes," whatever those are. Of interest to me was that all they had was a big tooth. From that tooth they deduced that the former owner was a huge hairy ape that lived along side humans some 100,000 years ago.

Could be. But I was reminded of the Piltdown man. I consulted my son, who is an expert at big ape stories.

He surmised that maybe the statistician had found either Jimmy Hoffa or Judge Crater.

Could be. I love science.

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